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Book Matching
The intricate, delicate use of stone products is what gives a building a premium look and style of the building. Book-matching is a method to arrange stones in a mirror-like manner that exposes the consecutive continuity of grains to display the stone’s attributes at its most statement-making.
At MD Stone, we specialize in the delicate work of arranging the stones at positions that match the pattern to the grain. The result is a stunning piece of symmetrical artwork that defines your space with the stunning beauty of stones.

Landscape Flooring

Using natural stones for your flooring not only adds new texture and color to your landscape but also uplifts the image of your entire landscaping. Our customers at MD Stone enjoys a wide selection of natural stone landscaping options that integrate with your architect and designer’s requirements, just as you envisioned.

Dry Lay

To arrive at the desired pattern of marble installation, MD stone offers a revolutionary dry laying technique that lays out a steady surface on the surface of various shapes and patterns, using a simple anchoring system instead of glue or expensive primers. In the hands of our skilled installers, who have an acute sense of space, you will get an extremely quick installation that is adjustable to your likings and finishes with great aesthetical value.

Feature Wall

Creating a feature wall is one of the simplest and affordable ways to perk up your otherwise dull and boring walls. A purposefully designed feature wall can instantly lift the look and feel of your space by adding a sense of style, edge, and personality to the architectural design.
A great feature wall takes a lot of creativity in design planning to accentuate the room, rather than over cluttering the visual impact of your space. At MD Stone, we are notable for designing a feature wall that makes an impressive centerpiece to your space. With a good understanding of customers’ needs, we create feature walls that provide a focal point to the landscape and bring out the accent of the space by transforming the space to make it appear larger, wider, cooler, warmer, or even more intimate. Complemented with our finest stone fabrication skills, we create features walls that are exclusive in design and perfectly fitted to enhance your space’s best features.

Kitchen Top

Deciding on the ideal kitchen top which makes an elegant complement to your kitchen interior, as well as, be a fit to your lifestyle can be a daunting task. Factors like the choice of materials, the durability of materials, size of the kitchen tops and etc the user experience. Some materials may be nearly maintenance-free, while others may require extra care to the surface. Using cutting-edge fabrication technology, we offer a wide selection of innovative style and material options at an impeccable quality that can be customized to fit your kitchen layout while complementing your lifestyle needs. Over the years, our kitchen tops and their surfaces are proven to stand up to years of use.

Counter Top

Granite countertops appeal to those who want the natural stone in the homes. It’s the same reason why people prefer marble tabletops. Both granite and marble table tops have unique swirls, veins, and speckles that add a gorgeous look to tables and kitchen counters; Quartz countertops offer a wider range of color and patterns, since quartz countertops are engineered, rather than mined from the ground. This gives owners the liberty to choose their preferred color that matches with their design and color scheme.
Both granite and quartz countertops fit well with clients who love the organic feel of natural stone and granite. Who loves the organic feel of natural stone, granite will be the best option. However, it may require more effort to maintain compared to a quartz countertop. Quartz will be the preferred choice that requires less maintenance.


With more than four decades in the industry, we like to think that we have honed our workmanship to perfection. When it comes to crafting the dream space of yours, we want to give you a stress-free experience.
According to clients’ requirements, we offer crude supplying and trimming, which includes: Sand Blasting, Bush Hammer, Flame, Letter or Picture Engraving, Laser Carving, Cutting, Polishing, Circular Engravure.

Development Project

Our proven capabilities in offering construction planning that meets clients’ architectural inspirations have led to countless successful projects and high customer satisfaction. At MD Stone, we redefined stone supply service with high-quality project management and cost management, dedicated to keeping your projects on time, within budget, and with maximum project efficiency. We have great pride in our exceptional stone products, and we are known for our high-quality marble, granite, limestone and etc that adds to the premier look for interior and exterior of buildings, landscape, pools, landmarks, monuments and etc.